Opentrad and the social networking sites, new horizons


News:Opentrad and the social networking sites, new horizons

Taking advantage of the fact that Opentrad has a new web site and that it is offering fresh opportunities, we set ourselves the challenge of improving communication with our customers and friends. If Opentrad is to advance, then we must find out about your views, needs and preferences. 

For this meeting to take place, we think the social networking sites are ideal spaces, where we can maintain a dialogue, or for example, where we can suggest some challenges and competitions to you (Ideas competition to find a name for the Opentrad mascot).  

With all this in mind, we have opened accounts in some of the most well-known social networking sites, so you can follow us on  FacebookTwitter,Linkedin and Youtube.

Why not pay us a visit and leave your comments or suggestions?



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