Commitment to quality in document translation


News:Commitment to quality in document translation

Opentrad is committed to quality, and in addition to the advantages offered by its new web site, it guarantees the ongoing improvement of its main language pairs for the purposes of document translation.

The fact that the machine translators available on the web site are in open code encourages collaboration between the Opentrad Consortium, the Universities and the community in the perfecting of the translation pairs. This is reflected in the continual progress of most of the pairs which are routinely updated by Opentrad on its web site. The improvements may, for example, include the adding of terminology missing in dictionaries, the expanding of grammatical and syntactic information, or the recognition of proper names and place names, thus ensuring adaptation to new contexts and emerging realities.

Access to the latest versions of the translation pairs is only available for users who have documents translated through our new payment system.

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