Opentrad celebrates the Internet Day, and the Galician Literature Day


News:Opentrad celebrates the Internet Day, and the Galician Literature Day




On the occasion of the celebration of the Internet Day and the Galician Literature Day the 17 of May, the website of Opentrad will offer, during the 18th of May, translations of documents for free, joining with the free offer of texts and web pages translations during that day.

Documents can be translated for free during the 18th of May, as the 17th of May is holiday in Galicia, and we would like everybody to take profit of our gift. The code to be introduced is PEREIRO, in honour of the poet Lois Pereiro, to whom will be dedicated this year the Galician Literature Day.

Why that day? The 17th of May two events of major importance for us happen at the same time: The Galician Literature Day, which was born to exalt the language of Galicia through its literary demonstration, and the Internet Day. With this gift we want to make our little contribution for the users in theses celebrations. We cannot forget that the main figures of Opentrad were the peninsular languages, among which the Galician. Users can try, among other possibilities, to translate documents, texts and websites written in English, Spanish and Portuguese into Galician, and vice versa.

Would you like to try our system? The 18th is jour day!



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