Last news! Discount-bonus with the new payment system


News:Last news! Discount-bonus with the new payment system

From now on, the payment system to translate documents is still much easier: credit cards and PayPal can already be used, as well as payment via SMS.

And even more: we unify fares… downward! Regardless of the size of the document* you want to translate, the prize will be 3€.

Oh! Just one more thing: as we are releasing new facilities, we will celebrate it offering you a 50% discount** on the price of the translated documents, if you pay with the credit card or with PayPal. Enjoy it!

* Up to 5MB. If your documents are bigger than that, please write to the following email to get in touch with us, and we will try to help you:
** This offer is valid until the 6th of January 2012.

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