Last news! Discount-bonus with the new payment system


News:Last news! Discount-bonus with the new payment system

From now on, the payment system to translate documents is still much easier: credit cards and PayPal can already be used, as well as payment via SMS.

And even more: we unify fares… downward! Regardless of the size of the document* you want to translate, the prize will be 3€.

Oh! Just one more thing: as we are releasing new facilities, we will celebrate it offering you a 50% discount** on the price of the translated documents, if you pay with the credit card or with PayPal. Enjoy it!

* Up...

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Priberam and imaxin|software have come to a deal


News:Priberam and imaxin|software have come to a deal

Priberam and imaxin|software are two referent companies in the field of linguistics engineering in the Iberian Peninsula, who have come to a deal in order to operate linguistics engineering products and services for all the variants of the Spanish from Europe and from Latin America, and of the Portuguese from Europe (Galicia and Portugal), Brazil and Angola.

The Spanish companies come across the issue of the language, as a first barrier in the process of internationalization, either at the oral, or...

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Aragonese reaches Opentrad


News:Aragonese reaches Opentrad

Opentrad expands its range of peninsular languages ​​with the inclusion of a new language pair, Spanish-Aragonese. Therefore, Opentrad offers the possibility to translate text and web pages between those two languages from now on.

The new language pack is in its beta version (0.2), and is being developed within the Apertium free software project.


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Wordfast on-line training by Eleka


News:Wordfast on-line training by Eleka

"Wordfast Classic 5 - elementary", the new on-line course developed by Eleka is available on the Internet from now on. It is a perfect opportunity to learn to handle the most popular CAT tool of the market, essential for every translator. The course materials are in English, Basque and Spanish. For further information, visit the website.

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Opentrad's open forums on Facebook


News:Opentrad's open forums on Facebook

For any question you may have about machine translation, Opentrad, our services, or whether you would like to discuss, give your opinion, ask for the translation of a word, etc., you only need to access the Forums section of our Facebook page, and feel free to give your opinion, make questions, chat, etc. We will be all ears!

We are happy to wait for you on:

These are our forums:

You may also find us on Twitter...

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Opentrad celebrates the Internet Day, and the Galician Literature Day


News:Opentrad celebrates the Internet Day, and the Galician Literature Day




On the occasion of the celebration of the Internet Day and the Galician Literature Day the 17 of May, the website of Opentrad will offer, during the 18th of May, translations of documents for free, joining with the free offer of texts and web pages translations during that day.

Documents can be translated for free during the 18th of May, as the 17th of May is holiday in Galicia, and we would like everybody to take profit of...

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Quality that stands out: comparing Opentrad and Google for the Spanish-Galician pair


News:Quality that stands out: comparing Opentrad and Google for the Spanish-Galician pair

Two of the main trends in current machine translation are those represented by structural transfer-driven machine translation systems (with linguistic information) and those represented by statistical machine translation systems (without linguistic information). When the distance between the languages is short, as in the case of the Romance languages (Spanish, Galician, Portuguese or Catalan, among others), where the focus of attention is concentrated more on linguistic questions than on those of...

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Commitment to quality in document translation


News:Commitment to quality in document translation

Opentrad is committed to quality, and in addition to the advantages offered by its new web site, it guarantees the ongoing improvement of its main language pairs for the purposes of document translation.

The fact that the machine translators available on the web site are in open code encourages collaboration between the Opentrad Consortium, the Universities and the community in the perfecting of the translation pairs. This is reflected in the continual progress of most of the pairs which are routinely...

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New web site, fresh opportunities


News:New web site, fresh opportunities

We’re launching a new web site for our machine translation platform of services, with a new design and important new aspects:

- You can now have your documents in the most used formats translated: DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT, ODT, HTML and XML.

- We are proposing a simple, fast, anonymous form of payment via the SMS.

- We are offering new plans and prices for individual customers, professionals and companies with a range of new formats, new translation pairs, tools for integration and for...

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Opentrad and the social networking sites, new horizons


News:Opentrad and the social networking sites, new horizons

Taking advantage of the fact that Opentrad has a new web site and that it is offering fresh opportunities, we set ourselves the challenge of improving communication with our customers and friends. If Opentrad is to advance, then we must find out about your views, needs and preferences. 

For this meeting to take place, we think the social networking sites are ideal spaces, where we can maintain a dialogue, or for example, where we can suggest some challenges and competitions to you (Ideas competition...

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