Opentrad is the leading platform offering open source machine translation services.

Opentrad helps and allows you to assume costs derived from multilingual environment management, so you may save time and money. In addition, as it works with free software, it allows you not to depend on one only provider, and doesn’t have any licence cost.


  • Opentrad: without any licence, and without any minimum rate.
  • Opentrad: easy to integrate.
  • Opentrad: quality and personalisation
  • Opentrad: quick translations.

The fact that your customers speak other languages is no longer a problem

At a moment of crisis and such high competitiveness, increasing productivity and cutting costs is a key factor. With Opentrad you will be able to save upwards of 80% in the costs arising out of translations and maintenance of their contents. 

Advantages of our platform

Opentrad, ease of integration

Opentrad allows integration into any system and adapts to the needs of each customer.
Designed for organisations that handle a large volume of documents in different languages.

Opentrad, quality and customisation

Opentrad can be customised and adapted to the specific terminology needs of each customer.

More and more companies and public bodies are choosing to use our system because of its language quality.

Opentrad, fast translation

Opentrad translates texts, documents, web pages, etc. right away.
Large communication companies go for this system which enables multilingual versions to be kept at a single click.

Opentrad, no licences

Opentrad enables investment in technologies to be optimized.
Costs stem from the advice, the customisation and the adaptation of the system to the customer's particular needs.




"Opentrad allows us to easily integrate machine translation into our applications"

We have clients with offices and production facilities in different countries. Now we can offer solutions for managing the working languages in their branches easier.

Opentrad, ease of integration

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