Opentrad Consortium

The Opentrad Consortium is currently formed by the following companies:

  • imaxin|software is a CMMI-3 certified company devoted to the development of services and advanced R&D and Innovation solutions of software and multimedia, specialised in linguistic engineering, localization and educational multimedia products.
  • Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa is a company that works on R&D and Innovation in the field of the linguistic engineering, focusing especially on development and innovation stages. It offers solutions to individuals, companies and organisations that face the challenge of managing multilingualism.

Both companies took part in the development of the translation engines Apertium and Matxin, core of the translation system Opentrad.


Opentrad es rapido

“Without Opentrad it would be impossible to publish an online edition in several languages”

We had undertaken to publish a bilingual edition of our site. Taking into account the volume of information and the demanded rapidity this would be impossible without the Opentrad machine translation system.

Opentrad, fast translation

  • imaxin|software
  • Eleka