New language pairs

Opentrad currently offers more than 20 language pairs for translation. The Opentrad Consortium, Universities or the community have developed them. Find a sample below:


  • Spanish-Catalan
  • Spanish-Romanian
  • French-Catalan
  • Occitan-Catalan
  • English-Galician
  • Occitan-Spanish
  • Spanish-Portuguese
  • English-Catalan
  • English-Spanish
  • English-Esperanto
  • Spanish-Galician
  • French-Spanish
  • Esperanto-Spanish
  • Welsh-English
  • Breton-French
  • Esperanto-Catalan
  • Portuguese-Catalan
  • Portuguese-Galician
  • Spanish-Basque
  • Norwegian Nynorsk- Norwegian Bokmal

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Personalizacion diccionarios

"Thanks to machine translation we have been able to access other markets"

Other machine translators did not provide the terminology of our company. The Opentrad customization and adaptation to our needs has made the internationalization of our company possible.

Opentrad, quality and customization

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