Opentrad partner program is designed for consultants, software developers, solution integrators and content management who want to integrate into its  applications machine translation solutions by providing more value to their customers.

Who came become a member?

ICT businesses: consulting, software development and content management companies.

An ease solution to a complex problem

Through a simple web service you can integrate the functionality of the machine translator in your applications. We supply the code and the necessary support to communicate and integrate your application with the translation server.

  • Formats: txt, html, xml, doc, docx, pptx, xlsx and odt.
  • Languages: Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese, French and English.

Value for customers, value for you

Provide greater value to your developments and products by integrating machine translation tools that enable your customers to increase productivity and minimize the costs of proceedings arising from multilingual management.

Get out in the marketplace by providing value added solutions, associating your brand with innovative products, stand out from the competition.

Reduce costs associated with managing multilingual conten.

Join OpentradPartner and take advantage of the power of the machine translation.

Also as Opentrad partner membre you can benefit from from significant discounts.

How can a partner obtain revenue?

Besides giving value to their services, the programme for partners will enable them to obtain extra income through commissions stipulated for each service purchased. Consult us about the programme for partners. Send us your data using the contact form. Select the "Motive" section and the "Programme Partner" option.

It is in your interest to participate. How can you get information?

To obtain information about our programme, send us your data using the contact form, selecting the "Motive" section and the "Programme Partner" option.





You'll be your clients' superhero

OpentradPartner program, machine translation at your service

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